Is it necessary to book in advance ?

Except for special events (Club’s anniversary, new year’s eve), it is not necessary to book in advance. You have to come and ring at the door, admission depending upon the number of people already inside the Club. Management reserves the right to accept people or not. While there is no real dressing code, don’t wear any tee-shirts or basket shoes.

Are there "couples only" evenings ?

The Club is opened every night for couples and singles, females and males.

Where is the Club located ?

In the very centre of Paris. From any page of the site, click on the "MAPS" button, you will find all access routes to the Pluriel Club.

Does the Club have a cloakroom ?

Yes. At your arrival, you will have to leave at the cloakroom all that you will not need during your evening. We shall take care of your belongings and give them you back before leaving the Club.

What does it cost ?

From any page of the site, click on the "FEES" button, you will know what are the charges and what they include.

Are there better days or preferential hours to come to the Club ?

At the Pluriel Club, the earlier you come, the better night you spend, first of all because of the buffet, offered by the Club, and also because of the people you will meet and discuss with. Every night is different, depending upon the people you will meet. There is no certainty from a day to another, or a week to the next. There may be few people and a lot of fun, or conversely.

Who does prepare your buffets ?

Our buffets are prepared daily, with fresh produce, by our Chief cook, served from 8:30 pm to 10:30 pm. They include a very large choice of starters, a warm main course, a plate of cheese, a choice of desserts, with red and rosé wines, at no charge, but without excess. In August and September, the warm main course is replaced by a warm starter, because of summer temperatures.

How to behave inside the Club ?

For a successful night, as for every aspect of life, respect for others is essential. Also, be mindful of the Club’s rules of conduct. Be natural, make gentle proposals, and accept that they may be turned down. Courtesy is the main rule.

Do you are an S.M. Club ?

No, we are not. But you will find at the 3rd basement a Saint-André cross, installed for fun and making some phantasms becoming real. It cannot be, in any case, seen as an invitation to engage in any violent behaviour.

Do your customers use condoms ?

Condom protection is mandatory! At the Pluriel Club, people respect each other, therefore, only safe sex is accepted. You can get condoms at the cloakroom, or bring your own.

Do you speak foreign languages ?

Yes, our staff speaks English and Spanish.